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is the first Russian airclub which operates light helicopters and autogyros located at Myachkovo airfield near Moscow. JJ Aviation Entreprise is the official dealer for Safari kitbuilt helicopters. We provide all service around these helicopters: kits sales, assembling, maintenance and flying training.

Our stuff are aviation engineers skilled in assembling and maintenance for different kitbuilt aircraft as well as experienced flight instructors.

Airfield "Myachkovo" is the hugest general aviation place in Russia at the time. This former aviation industry (mostly for polar aviation) base serves now as the homebase for  20 small private airclubs having over 80 aircrafts in them. Here you can see and fly Yak-18T, Yak-52, Yak-40, L-29"Dolphin", L-410, Cessna-152,172, Piper Aztec, Morava, Antonov An-2 and vintage Polikarpov Po-2 fixed wing aircrafts and Kamov Ka-26, Mil Mi-2, Mi-8, Rotorway Exec 162F helicopters.

Our 5+ years experience in kitbuilt aircraft let us provide the best service for those who make first steps in aviation: flight safety and aircraft reliability are our main goals for our airclub members.

We are widely opened for contacts with any involved in aviation - and we'll be very glad to meet you at our airfield.

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Our website has very few pages available in English but we will increase their amount in short. For easier navigation please be sure to visit news in English page first.

Other pages available in English: Photopages     Useful Links    Autogyros   News    MAKS-2001 Rotorway bulletins Autogyros at MAKS-2001

Contact us via e-mail or phone/fax: +7-(095)-3050797

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