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On August,30, 1949 first single-place helicopter Ka-10 made its first flight. It was the first flight for aircraft designed by Kamov Design Bureau established in 1948. Ka-10 has come to factory production in 1956 after government tests were finished. 10 aircraft of this model were built for Soviet Army.

20 years later Kamov Design Bureau came back to single-place ultralight helicopter. This short story is written after interviewing with Boris Gubarev, Deputy Chief Designer.

Ka-8 "Irkut" was built in 1946. It was the first single-place helicopter built in USSR. It was performed on July,25,1948 at the Tushino airfield in Moscow during the airforce parade. This coaxial aircraft was powered with 38 hp motorcycle engine. Newspapers called it "The Sky Motorcycle".

After this aircraft made its successful flights Nikolai Kamov was ordered to design the new helicopter for Soviet Navy.

This new Ka-10 helicopter was powered with special aviation piston engine AI-4G by Ivchenko. 

In 1971 Kamov Design Bureau was oredered to produce new ultralight helicopter for military service. Sergei Fomin, Deputy Chief Designer, was ordered to lead this project.

The special task for this helicopter was that it should be able to be transported in cylinder container of 500 mm diameter. The reason was that Navy wanted to have an opportunity to pull the helicopter out of submarine's torpedo tube.

Another point was that the helicopter should be able to be assembled for flying in 15 minutes only when unpacked from container.

Powerplant was 40 hp aircooled rotary engine which burned the autofuel.

Kamov Kа56 folding helicopter Full-scaled mockup was built first to find better decisions in helicopter's configuration: to make it compact and easy to assemble. The next step was to build the test plarform which included real engine, rotor system, transmission and controls.

The only parts which were detachable from the helicopter for transportation were 4 main rotor blades. All other parts were easily folded. MR blades were attached by single shift each

No balancing was needed after assebling less rotor tracking. Time to assemble helicopter was only 10 min.

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Ka-56 take-off weight was 220 kg (110 kg empty).

Performance (calculated): range - 150 km, cruise speed - 110 kmh, ceiling - 1700 m.

Unfortunately Ka-56 wasn't ever flown.

Ka-56 step by step assembling from container:

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