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dobrgaraz.jpg (178229 bytes) Those who really wish to build the aircraft - they just build it. Those who find a lot to explain why they didn't - they simply don't really wish.                    По-русски

Single-seat helicopter by Nick Nalivaikin

When we were assembling first two Mini-500s in Russia in 1998, I've got a call from somebody living in far Urals. The guy who didn't seem to be crazy enough, asked me to send him a copy of Mini-500 assembly manual.

-What for, man? - I'asked. - To design and build my own single-seater,- was his answer. - Well, have you ever build something flying? - No, but I will do.

OK, I wasn't curious at all so I simply packed a couple pounds of what I have about light helicopters including some demo videos. I've sent them to him - I forgot about him. His small (very small) town is called Dobryanka, not far from Perm.

Four years later (I've changed location and company) I've got another call:

- Hi, are you in light helicopters? - Yeah... - I'm calling from Dobryanka, Perm... - Well, - I interrupted him, - howdy, Nickolai?

He was slightly surprised when I named myself, but I was much more surprised a minute later when he told me he is ready to test run his helicopter. Two months later a friend of him visited me bringing a dozen photos and a videotape.

sverxu.jpg (296452 bytes) I've already been informed that the helicopter didn't fly yet, but it managed to hover (tiedowned). After Nick told me about his attempts, I insisted him to promise he won't try to hover etc. prior he gets a course and prior his helo gets an AWC. Well, when I saw the pics, I saw the Craft (to be true, I expected to see something absolutely stupid - my mistake, Nick). 

dobrside.jpg (300498 bytes) Well, take a look: MR blades   Tail rotor  First runs  Instruments


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