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These pages were created to compensate for the lack of information about gyroplane history in the former Soviet Union (USSR).

 Many people know that USSR has developed some gyroplanes before the WWII but not many know more about them. Almost nobody knows that there were some interesting projects developed at the same time when Dr.Bensen invaded America with his designs.

I'll try to put the most interesting data here. Some of them were surprisingly found in very different places.

Some months ago I've got a phone call from an unknown person who gently asked me if I can build a single seat gyro for him to help him have a fun after he is retired. We arranged a meeting... This person appeared to be Valentin Ustinov who led the enthusiasts' group in Riga in late 60s'. Here are some lines and photos about this group and their designs
Some months ago I've found this rare signwhich was issued in 30s'.

I will keep this page updated and any comments/data/help are greatly appreciated

This is the original photos of 30s' from V.Ustinov's archives:

triomid.jpg (60947 bytes) The back side of this photo is signed (in Russian): oborot.gif (25531 bytes) " From left to right: 1. Signor Juan de la Cierva 2. Mr. Pitcairn, American Autogyro Company, President 3. Mr. Ray , vice-president and chief test-pilot.  Published on November,9,1933"

This is the photo of the best Soviet pre-war period autogyro A-7. a7groupmid.jpg (52010 bytes) This man in white shirt in centre - Nikolay Kamov, some of you have apparently listened this name.


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