flot5mid.jpg (79211 bytes) 

flotmid.jpg (77839 bytes) 

flymid.jpg (53688 bytes) One, two, three - that's the common way to fly gyro on floats (see below)

overkeel.jpg (99559 bytes) 

ovrkeel.jpg (109494 bytes) This is the sketch from students' wallpaper. Text under picture: "When turning during towing the autogyro tends to its maximum stable position. From Pilot's Handbook"

snowfloatmid.jpg (54187 bytes) That's not Arctic sea - just Baltics

snowmid.jpg (49902 bytes) Vladlen Zeitlin  tested all Riga's autogyros...

zeitlinmid.jpg (78487 bytes) ...and sometimes good weather happened

veslomid.jpg (79561 bytes) Valentin Ustinov - taxiing for take-off. Note the trim tab and the counterweight which was specially added to the blades for use in gyroplane. Original wooden blades are from Kamov Ka-15 helicopter.



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