The Doominator


The Story of Doominator

or the short report on the autogyro purchased as Taiwan-made Dominator kit and assembled in Russia by Mr.TwistAir По-русски


First time trying the autogyro (it was standard Dominator tandem powered by Rotax 618) in 1999, it takes me only 20 minutes of flying to realize that this is the aircraft I want to fly further.

It took me 2.5 years to make the dream flying. To be correct, 2 years I spent studying what autogyros are, 4 months I was making some steps to get the kit, the engine, prop, instruments etc. and 2 months was the assembling itself.

Since the price for US-made kit seemed to be higher than I wished and I've heard that Dominator kits are now made in Taiwan, I've contacted Taiwan and, after 2 months of conversations, the kit was ordered complete less engine. The reason for that was the price only. And I don't like Hirth engines.

So, I choosed Subaru EA71 for installation. The engine was purchased from Serge Vinogradow who lives in Vladivostok, Russia and is building different Subaru conversions for light aircraft use. His EA71 is coming ready to fly with 2.21 reduction gearbox - excellent job and fun to pay for. See more about it below.

The kit arrived in the beginning of May and it looked fine - at a glance.

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