3-seat "Hunter" autogyro by Aero-Astra: Prototype #2 test flights started on March,28, 2003

Victor Shumeiko and his "Aero-Astra" team rolled out their second prototype of 3-seat autogyro. The device is powered with 210 hp twin-turbo Subaru auto-conversion. 2-day flying session was successful and will be continued. Vic is now starting to manufacture first 5 of a kind autogyros which will be sold to the ineterested parties. Base price is 45,000 euro (x-works) for complete flying aircraft. Rotor used currently: 30' RAF (32' SportCopter would be installed soon). This aircraft has an unique hydraulic  prerotator system which may speed the rotor up to very high RRPM. Take-off roll measured is 18-20 meters. Rate of climb measured is 6.5 m/sec solo, 2.5 m/sec full gross.

Here are few photos taken at site:

  Dmitry Rakitskiy (those who've seen this cool "Rotor over Russia" at Dan Leslie's website - those've seen him flying :) sitting in the gyro. Vic stands to the right giving a preflight briefing.

    Remember these tree line? Our flying base...


More to come...

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