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MAKS airshow was huge this year. Same for the autogyros: there was the only gyro at MAKS in 1999 (original Dominator tandem), there were three at MAKS-2001 and there were 10 gyros at the airfield in 2003' fiesta including 5 of a kind:  5 Hunters built by Aero-Astra.

Автожиры на авиасалоне МАКС-2003

M-91 "Profile" by Yuri Shevchenko. We've already introduced this gyro in 2001. Today's aircraft is significantly different. It had some test flights and is now being modified further.

Автожиры компании "Аэромеханика" на МАКС-2003 "Aeromechanica" showed it's tandem gyro built on ideas of Dominator. This isn't strange since it's chief Alex Vankov is Ernie's official representative in Russia. RAF 2000 was assembled by Peter Grushin. Peter has already assembled 3 RAF 2000s which are flying in Russia.

Dominator's ideas were modified in this gyro named "AM". I'm curious if these mods are correct but - let's see further.

Victor Shumeiko and his "Aero-Astra" group introduced their 3-seat autogyro designed by Vic. Few weeks before the MAKS was started Vic lost his first prototype during a test flight (prop failure caused reduction gearbox deployment as well as rudder cable was broken at 70 meters altitude. The aircraft collided with ground and was totally destroyed though no one of two persons aboard were injured). Thus Vic couldn't show The Hunter flying at MAKS but he showed future of these gyros: 5 different modifications include agricultural sprayer, monitoring aircraft, trainer, sightseeing 3-seater and cargo aircraft.  More about Hunters...

МАКС-2003. Иркутский автожир А-002 буксируется на стоянку после демонстрационныного полета. Only one autogyro was flying at MAKS-2003. It was Irkut A-002 which was also described at our site two years ago. This aircraft was designed to comply with certification regulations.

Втулка ротора автожира А-002 Two years ago it was told that A-002 would have a jump start capability. Later the design was simplified which can be easily seen at this rotorhead photo. Huge...

A-002 accumulated 25 hours of test flying to the date. They showed that the aircraft still has some things to work on. A-002 is powered by Continental 6-cylinder engine which may be changed soon for Subaru twin-turbo - 100LL is a problem in Russia unless you're in Moscow or St.Petersburg.

Гуру Шумейко и главный конструктор автожира А-002 Андрей Татарников Victor Shumeiko (right) and Andrey Tatarnikov (Irkut A-002 autogyro chief designer) discussing their aircrafts video reports.

Автожир "Твист" на авиасалоне МАКС-2003 The Doominator - built by TwistAirClub from Taiwan kit, powered by 100 hp Rotax 912ULS. The only mods made were the nose gear leg to operate from rough strips and the seats. More about this aircraft.

Fly fun! Fly safe.



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