Sport Rotorcraft in Russia: Autogyros and Helicopters. List of Contens

The approximate list of English-language stuff available at this website:


NEW! First SparrowHawk gyroplane in Russia made it's first flights! report, photo and video.

NEW! Autogyros worldwide

The Hunter - first world production 3-seat light autogyro and it's video

Autogyros at MAKS-2001 airshow *

Autogyros at MAKS-2003 *

Twist 2-seat tandem * It's apparently a child of Dominator powered with 100 hp Rotax-912ULS. It was simply built in Russia keeping in mind local materials and - mostly - airstrips (or - to be exact - the lack of airfields).

Ziraffe * Same as Twist but powered with Subaru EA-82 105 hp engine

Aviatika autogyro * A-002 Irkut autogyro * Profile M-91 autogyro *

On the history of aurogyros in Russia: Riga, 70's


Rotorway Exec helicopters service bulletins *

Safari Kitbuilt Helicopter at MAKS-2001 airshow *

Our old photo gallery * Nice shots of kitbuilt helicopters flying over Russian sites etc.

Protor Helicopter * Just an experiment in 2-seaters

Nick Nalivaikin and his  single seat helicopter

Kamov Ka-56 folding helicopter


Zenith Aircraft STOL-801 4-seat flying amphibian jeep, cool, new, just test flown.

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Fly fun! Fly safe.


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